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We are a small, friendly triathlon club based in South East Kent

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Cranbrook - June 2016

Membership is open to all. The club caters for beginner and experienced triathletes alike, no matter what your distance, from Super Sprint to Ironman.

Well the weather is warming up, we’ve either had long hot sunny days or humid stormy weather, typical summer weather. But the heat provides its own challenges so staying properly hydrated is important and don’t forget the sun cream. Remember we are often out in the sun for many hours and while our mismatched tan lines may provide many stories of races run or rides ridden, as Andy’s article last week reminded us, we must protect our skin from sun damage.

Hope all the training is going to plan. Sounds like the Road Relays will be fun this week! And we’ve been invited to join A&D in their annual Lenham BBQ run on 12th July. More details to follow but it’s a great social event and will replace our normal Thursday night run that week.

Happy training

Sally A, Claire B and Julie A

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