ATC Coaching Weekend – 31st March – 2nd April 2017

ATC’s coaching weekend is being held next weekend (31st March – 2nd April). The entire weekend is packed full of training and theory sessions in all disciplines from Nutrition to transition coaching to run technique to Swim analysis that includes a video and theory session.

If you are competing this year or just want to make improvements, then this weekend is a great opportunity to take part in some brilliant sessions tailored to setting you up for a successful 2017 season.

Best of all the entire weekend is completely FREE to all members.

The sessions ..

Swim Theory Session – Lee Gladwell’s swim analysis session on Saturday is restricted to 15 on a first come first serve basis so please email to book your place!

This session will cover the basics of the stroke, common faults and drills to correct them plus brief introduction to Critical Swim Speed (CSS) and how to use it in your training.

Swim Video Analysis – The swimmer will be filmed from the front, side and rear. Individual feedback will be given to improve technique with specific drills. When not being filmed, there will be a full session running at the same time. This will involve a time trial to get your CSS speeds. The session will be limited to 15 people so it will be on a first come first served basis.

Stefan’s Transition session will take you through transition stages where you can practice each stage, find out the best techniques, with a talk on the rules and layout hosted by Alex Keenan

Adey run pacing session on Saturday afternoon will give tactics on how to increase your pace over a set distance. Be quicker without burning out or starting too fast!

Sunday will incorporate various different rides including Adey’s advanced ride which will take on Wye hill and Chartham downs at around 17mph average for approx.. 40 miles.

This is just a snippet of what’s going on during the weekend. Check out the schedule below, speak to your coaches or email us / message on Facebook for more details!

Day/Time Activity Location Lead Coach Other Coaches Comments

7:00 pm


Facilitated Discussion.

Elwick Club Paul Barron   ‘Nutrition’ is a topic many people have a point of view about. Opinions change as science changes – anyway, isn’t it a matter of personal choice?

9:00 am to 10:30 am

Transition Theory and Practice Victoria Park Stef Hayes Max (tbc)

Alex K. (tbc)

Navin (tbc)

Input about Transition and opportunity to practice, with support from coaches.

11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Pacing (running) JRS carpark and Little Burton Farm Adey Porter Amanda M. Not starting too quickly is something we all need to learn about…

May be a one-hour session but allow additional time.


12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Swim theory Elwick Club Lee Gladwell


  Why do we need great technique?

How do we get it?


2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Swimming analysis Ashford pool Lee Gladwell Max

Ruth (tbc)

Pool is booked, time to get it right… on camera!
3:00 pm onwards Individual swimming reviews Elwick Club Lee Gladwell Max Opportunity to get personal feedback about swimming technique from our Lead Swim Coach.

9:00 am to 9:30 am approx.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for cycling JRS car park Paul Barron   Emergency Action Plan, just in case.

9:30 am approx..

Group Rides JRS car park Adey Porter

Lee Gladwell

Blaine Epsley

All who can assist will support the Lead Cyclists Fast group- Adey

Intermediate group – Lee

Novice group – Blaine



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