I must seem a bit of an old crock…

Hi Ashford Tri Club/ 666 run organisers,

I must seem a bit of an old crock and have been running cross country for over 60 years (not that I feel the least but old).

I just wanted to write to say that I thought the race yesterday through Challock forest was superb, one of the best anywhere. The organisation, as last year, simply perfect. Not patronising, yet comforting enough for the bevy of younger women who took part (someone should have recorded (sound and video) the first 100 meters!).

The course seemed easier this year, especially on the way out (reconditioned forestry tracks).

Though on the return 1/2, what a brilliant platform for proper Brit-suitable cleated shoes – I, with many others found my shoes woefully un-grippy).

Being on the six foot side (somehow taller when running) your head traps caught be out a few times (branches thicker than expected hitting head). But all’s fair in love and mud pies.

Up Megaphone Climb near the camera obscura, at the top, someone’s loose and gorgeous greyhound managed to fell me, and a stony impact on knee didn’t help my fall. But that was nothing to what I did all by myself on spraining my ankle badly, less than a mile from the finish. So peeving.

Today my foot is elevated, iced, compressed and blue. And I’m still purring with contentment at the friendly atmosphere and superb circuit, marshalling, etc of the race.

You asked for feedback. Well a big thumbs up from here.
Suggestions to improve it …

What could be done about parking … don’t know. But fly-parking just about worked out OK for us.

The early race queue (for the first 1/2 mile). It would be nice if the gentler ladies and gents who struggle in mud could be persuaded not to jump ahead of the queue and cause backlogs. But maybe that’s all part of the challenge.

I didn’t try to leave my tracksuit in your tent (though assume I could have), but should have as hopping chilled down the road to the car after the race wasn’t such fun. Regrettably I missed the camaraderie and fun of the after race milling.

I really can’t think of how you could better the race. Perhaps a detour into truck mire around mile 2, just to spice up the out-leg. But then that long gentle descent is all part of lulling folks before the Flint Ramp wake-up.

Oh, maybe put a Google Earth track on the circuit on your web site (not that vertical dimensions on GE are accurate).

All in, great stuff. Many congrats. And thanks a lot.


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