Post Race Report :: Hythe Bay Tri by Cullum Parker :: May 2017

This was my first dip into the ‘tri’ scene, and what fun it was!

Somewhat irrationally I decided in early 2017 to sign up for a super Sprint Tri (250m pool swim, 16km and 5km run); no idea what came over me.  But as is often the case with triathletes, it is best to sign up first and ask questions later!

So in time honoured fashion I signed up with no idea what to expect except having to cycle in wet clothes.

Luckily help was at hand with the various members of Ashford Tri Club.  Not only did they run an ‘intro to tri’ session before the event, but I must say that it is one of the best Super Tri I have taken part in. Luckily the weather helped; sunny with light winds. But more than that, the Tri had what I would call a family-friendly feel to it. No showing off or feeling that you didn’t fit in.  People of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and from all over; there to take part in the best sport I know!

It was well-organised, with ATC’ers, family, friends and members of the public cheering you on. It is hard to express how important such support is when you are trying to complete your first proper 5km ‘run’ ever.

Thankfully a friendly answer to where I layout my transition gear from Alex Keenan, a stern but comprehensive talk from Julia Abbott at the swim (you know I’m only joking it was quite rightly important and you delivered it excellently), friendly ‘come ons’ from Adey Porter, Garry (I’m the Chairman don’t you know) Curley, and Paul Barron on the bike leg, and a Jelly Baby from Claire Brooker for the final leg, to name but a few (sorry those I have left out), and the cheering support along the way all helped me.

Indeed, such was the support that not only did I sign up for further Tri’s in 2017, but I joined ATC. The support, coaching, guidance from all members, whether coach, committee member, or plain ‘ole ATCer is phenomenal 🙂

And back to the main bit, if you’re thinking about giving a Tri a go, there are few introductions better than Hythe Bay – roll on 2018!  (Oh and a pretty decent medal too)

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