Age groups

What is Age-Group Triathlon?

The non-elite format of the sport is known as Age-Group competition. Age-Group allows athletes to compete for European and World Championships medals and titles against fellow competitors within pre-defined age-group categories.

These age-group categories are divided by gender and age and are set apart by five year age bands, from 20-24 upwards to 80+. International age-group competition starts at age 16 for sprint distances and 18 for standard distance and long distance. For international age-group Championships and age-group qualification all 16-19 year olds will be grouped as one Under 20 age category.

The age band category that you fall into depends on your age on December 31st in the year of competition. Example: If you are 35 on December 29th 2015 then for the whole of 2015 you will compete in the 35-39 age-group.


The ATC club championship age group categories are defined as:

  • Open – under 35
  • Veteran – 35 to 44
  • Supervet – 45 – 54
  • Ultravet – 55 and over

The categories apply to both female and male club members.