Health & Safety Policy

Ashford Tri Club will aim to ensure that where appropriate the following will apply at coached activities:

There are risk assessments conducted including consideration of first aid cover.

There are qualified coaches appropriate for the ability and size of the group, at all sessions where formal coaching is taking place.

There is a visual check within a formal coaching area (within reason) for unsafe objects. (e.g. glass, sharp debris).

There is access to a telephone to call for emergency assistance, and (where appropriate) there is vehicular access for an ambulance or other emergency vehicles.

That accident/incident report forms are used as appropriate.

That coaches are aware of members existing injuries and changes in medical condition prior to participation, this is the responsibility of both the participant to inform the coach and the coach to ask participants as and when appropriate.

Club Members are asked to:

When arranging any form of group training – not coached – all participants must be made aware that the session is not coached and he/she is responsible for both their own safety and fitness to take part.

Ensure that in open water situations make yourself aware of all dangers relating to the chosen location and wear a bright swim hat.

Ensure they use a safe roadworthy bicycle on all rides,

Ensure they use lights when cycling in dark or poor light conditions,

Use an UK/EU approved bicycle helmet in training and competition,

Inform the ʻMembership Secretaryʼ of changes in your health status

Feb 2010 Rev 1.2