Mission Statement

Position Statement:

“We are a small, friendly triathlon club, based in Ashford.”


“Ashford Tri Club seeks to be the ‘club of choice’ for triathletes and multi-sports people in the heart of Kent”

Mission Statement:

“To be a friendly and inclusive triathlon club, assisting our members with opportunities for training and competition in triathlon and associated sports.”

Objective one: To have a membership of 100 by December 2013

Objective two: To continue to encourage Junior, Associate Members up to December 2013


Objective one:

  • Profile the club at local venues, events and races (purchase club banner, encourage all members to wear club kit, distribute club information and membership application forms).
  • Offer regular group and training sessions; financially underwrite swimming, indoor training and other sessions as appropriate.
  • Encourage members to lead group runs, rides and other sessions as appropriate.
  • Develop a social programme; financially underwrite some social events as necessary.

Objective two:

  • Develop our own coaches, including paying for courses and associated expenses.
  • Continue to encourage adults to introduce and support young/juniors to attend sessions with them, as appropriate.