Photographic Policy

Ashford Tri Club recognises that images of people enjoying triathlon are essential to promote the sport in the community and for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Ashford Tri Club asks all its members and competitors for permission to use images for publicity materials (such as; poster campaigns, flyers or websites).

Ashford Tri Club requests that all club membersʼ spectators and any media observe the following guidelines when filming and taking photographs at coached Ashford Tri Club sessions or Ashford Tri Club Events;

  1. Using the club membership forms and race entry forms, Ashford Tri Club Coaches / Event Organisers must ensure they are aware who does NOT wish to be filmed/photographed. (An example of individuals who opt out, are people who have once lived in a violent/abusive home and wish to remain anonymous, yet still enjoy participating in sport and living a healthy lifestyle).
  2. At coached Ashford Tri Club sessions or events, all photographers are asked to report to the Coach/Event Organiser who will identify those individuals who do NOT wish to be filmed/photographed by either;
    1. Issuing the competitor race numbers (in a confidential manner)
    2. An alternative chosen method, i.e. a particular coloured swim hat, or the wearing of a red sticker on clothing (all dependent on the activity). Coaches/Event Organisers are asked to find a subtle ways of identifying those individuals.
  3. All registered photographers will be given a ʻRegistered Photographerʼ badge. Anyone not wearing such a badge should be politely asked to obtain one.
  4. Participants must be informed that a photographer/camera person will be in attendance at an event by use of a simple poster that states photography and filming will be in process.
  5. Clubs coaches may from time to time, use video equipment as a coaching aid and care will be taken in the dissemination and storage of the material.
  6. Any concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography should be reported in confidence to the Coach/Event Organiser or British Triathlon Federation.

Feb 2010 Rev 1.1