Post Race Report :: Abu Dhabi ITU Sprint Tri :: by Robert Lawrence

12805812_10153947861455480_4463541905829000506_nOn the 5th of March 2016 I completed the first triathlon of the World Triathlon Series and I suspect the only one of that series I’ll be completing this year! The sea was warm enough for wetsuits to be optional and only a few of the over 2000 competitors used them.  

The swim started in the water, holding on to the pontoon. One lap and into a busy transition area then out on the bike for one of the best cycling courses you can find. Pan flat, no pot-holes and smooth tarmac, so it was head-down for 20km on the road bike I hired for approximately £50.

In and then out of T2 and by this time it was 10.20am and the temperature was creeping up to 29 degrees. Luckily there were four water stops and two wet sponge stops to keep us cool. The finish line was a great morale booster with music pumping, supporters on a grandstand, a backdrop of blue sea with sky scrapers and a great atmosphere.

Although a lack of training made me feel horribly unfit, I managed 1hr 31 mins and loved the race.

Robert Lawrence – ATC


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