Post Race Report :: by Cullum Parker :: August 2017

Its the taking part that counts: that’s what I told myself for my first Sprint Distance Triathlon – that’s 750m (first open water swim too), 20km bike and a 5km run.

Swim was hard, I felt a bit wobbly getting out of the water and onto terra firma. Bike ride was pretty good; except for skidding on the descent from Peter’s Bridge owing to a quickly appearing van.  But recovered, straightened up and flew right.

The run? Well that was almost a disaster, the Achilles or something in that area, twinged after the first 100 metres, so was more a ‘jalk’ than run. But I got over the finish line and importantly the medal – what more could you want?

Lots to learn, improve, focus and succeed on next time. But without tri-ing we’ll never know if we can succeed!

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