Post Race Report :: Ross Sadd – Hole Park Cross Duathlon – Sunday 3rd April 2016


I lined up, with about 10 people at the start at 9:15am for the 10k. It was hard work and muddy from the rain the night before. I was 3rd into T1. Got on the bike and all the fields were so boggy I was wishing I’d never started 😉. 30 miles of what felt like cycling on sand. I lapped two others. The mud was so thick it was like riding with my brakes on the whole time.

I went past T1. I could see there was a bike in there which had pulled out. Where they in front of me? I went on and as I came into T2 there was about 8 bikes there. Alex and I did not know what was going on . Had I done 6 laps on the bike? So off I went on the run with the first lap a nightmare. Thinking I had done 6 laps on the bike, but as I got to the end of lap 1, Liz King flagged me, saying I had only done 5 and that I was still in 3rd. The next 5k was better! I ended up 3rd overall / 2nd male! 

I was just so happy to finish with so many DNFs! It was hard work for the five something hours I was in pain for! It was a good end to my winter, with 7th at the Brett Ashford half and 4th at the fan dance.


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