Race Report :: Tristam Burgess :: Outlaw 2018 :: July 2018

This year, Ashford Tri Club entered a competitive male team and a competitive female team in the relay event. The club was represented by Greg Wood, Alex Milne and Tristam Burgess for the males and Lissa Mitchell, Danyel Carter and Jennifer Kearns for the females.

On the 29th of July 2018, OSB Events held their ever popular full distance triathlon, the Outlaw.

The event was held in the middle of an incredible heatwave; temperatures reaching the mid 30s on a daily basis. However, in a whirlwind of mis-fortune (literally), the heatwave was put on hold for the weekend and replaced with heavy rainstorms and winds reaching 40mph – a far cry from the conditions experienced during training.

During briefing, the day before, we were informed of a change to the swim, cutting it short for three laps instead of the usual one lap. The organisers had decided to do this to avoid swimming up the far end of the lake where the water is less sheltered and the winds can make the surface a bit choppy.

Although disc wheels were not banned on the bike, they were certainly not recommended; a point that Alex would not let us forget for the next twenty four hours or so.

Our chairman, Garry Curley, did a fantastic job looking after us and keeping us well fed and watered. Sunday morning we woke up in a slightly crowded environment – Joey Chasseaud, competing in the individual event, had arrived to find the hotel he was booked into was boarded up.

The swimmers were at the start line on time (just), and the race got under way. Greg left the water and made it into transition in 51:37 and Lissa came in at 1:16:40. The cyclists were probably wetter than the swimmers had been when they arrived back to transition; Alex in 4:56:15 and Danyel in 7:05:19. As the rain died down, the wind took over. After a 3:15:58 run, I joined Alex and Greg to finish the race in 4th place after 9:07:04. Jennifer came in at 4:42:17, and the girls had finished in 35th after 13:06:39.

However, we were not the only ATC athletes to make the journey to Nottingham. We also had the following individual entries: Joey Chasseaud – 13:03:55 – 440 Terry Foreman – 13:53:25 – 606 John Kearns – 15:09:50 – 761 Dee Hogwood – DNF (due to the extreme conditions, many athletes didn’t complete the bike within the cut-off) An incredible effort by everyone in extremely challenging conditions.

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