Running Guidance

Here is some running guidance, with examples of exercises to help with your personal sessions.

The ideal session plan should include:

1. Warm up (5 minutes easy)

2. Dynamic Stretching

3. Running

4. Static stretching

NB: If it’s a particularly cold day, do more dynamic stretches, as much as 20 minutes is appropriate.

Dynamic Stretches:

Walking Lunges:

Ensure the front knee does not extend beyond the front of the front foot.


Walking leg raise

Raising alternate legs to hands while walking. Do not over-stretch, it’s okay to have knee slightly bent.



A Skip

Skip with high knee and ankle ‘dorsi flexed’ (toes upwards). Slightly leaning forward with exaggerated arm drive.



B Skip

As A Skip, with every knee raise – kick forward to extend leg in front.


Hamstring sweep

Walk one step forward, lower your bottom and sweep your fingernails forwards close to the floor. Repeat each leg for a few paces.


Butt Kick with knee raise

Pull the heel upwards towards buttocks while raising the knee upwards.


Running Techniques

Head Position

Imaging a helium balloon is tied by string to top of head, holding it upright. Eyes looking forward




Elbows at 90 degree angle throughout the run.

Avoid swinging arms across the body.

High hand position = level with arm ‘socket’

Low hand position = next to side ‘pocket’, hence “Socket to pocket”


Hips forward but not extending in front of the vertical position. This will help to create a foot-strike in the mid-sole (effective when running)


Knee lift should be quite high as it helps create a good back-lift for effective running.

Additional Techniques when hill running

Uphill Running

Don’t allow your top-half to lean forward. Keep body upright.

Look forward or slightly up hill

Shorter and quicker strides

Arms thrust backwards

Relaxed shoulders

Downhill Running

Don’t get too close to each other in case anyone stumbles and affects your progress.

Let gravity do the work for you

Wide arms (as if you are holding a hula-hoop)

Don’t brake, take longer strides

Static Stretches, hold each stretch for 15 seconds:

Shoulder/arm stretch left then right.

Stand tall with arms extended above. Lower one arm behind with hand between shoulder blades. Gently press lower arm with upper hand.

Try similar stretches with arms in front and across body.


Calf Stretch (soleus) left then right.

With one leg in front of other and heels on the ground, lean forward and bend back knee.


Calf Stretch (gastrocnemius) left then right

With one leg in front of other and heels on the ground, lean forward and stretch the straight back leg.


Standing quadriceps

Stand tall with feet together.

Bend one behind and hold your laces, pull your heel towards your buttocks.