Running Session Plan – Hill


Type of run: Hill session. Pacing.


Comment: A timer is useful if you have one.


Warm Up:

Take a slow 5 minute (approx.) run to a hill of your choice. The pace should be much less than your 10k pace.

Dynamic Stretches (examples):

Walking lunges

Walking leg raise

B Skip


Find a hill that takes somewhere between 40 seconds and 2 minutes to go uphill.

Main Session:

Start your timer and Run uphill, pause your timer at the top.

Allow yourself to run down the hill, without jarring your heels or knees – allow the gradient to bring you down at an easy pace.

Repeat the hill about 6 times (depending how much time you have) maintain the same times uphill – within 10% of the first climb.

Take a route back that is longer than the route out. The pace should be around your 10k pace but the last 5 minutes from home should be much slower to allow for warming down.


Run at your 10k pace so you are working reasonably hard going uphill.

Your speed downhill should be fairly quick, but you’re not working hard as it’s downhill with gravity.

Cool Down: walk the last 100 metres then do your static stretches:

Calf stretches

Standing quad stretches

Arm/shoulder stretches


Stretch all parts of your body.

Each stretch should be at least 15 seconds.



Safety Considerations:

Be cautious on slippery surfaces, especially off roads, wet grass etc

If running with others don’t be too close going down hill in case someone slips/falls in front of you