Running Session Plan – Fartlek


Type of run: General Fitness (Fartlek) Running


Comment: A timer is useful if you have one.

A great advantage of Fartlek sessions are that your heart rate is increased and decreased throughout, this benefits the heart (muscle) much more than running at a consistent heart rate.


Warm Up:

Take a slow 5 minute (approx.) run to an area appropriate for a good stretch. The pace should be much less than your 10k pace.

Dynamic Stretches (examples):

Walking lunges

Walking leg raise

A Skip

B Skip

Don’t skimp on the dynamic stretches because you should be running quite hard during this session.

Main Session:

Run for between 500m to 1k, start with about 100m at a pace slower than your 10k pace then the rest of the distance at your 10k pace.

Take a short walk to lower your heart rate.

Run for a distance between 50m to 100 m

Run hard one way then return at slow pace to recover. Do this 4 or 5 times.

Run at a slow pace, much less than your 10k pace for about 1k.

Run for 1k at your 10k pace. Recover by walking for about 50m then run for 1k QUICKER than your 10k pace. Walk for 50m.

Run for 1k, divide the 1k into about 25m sections (maybe using lampposts as markers). Run 25m hard then 25m easy… continue until you have gone about 1k. Run home at 10k your10k pace.






The ‘run hard’ section should almost sprinting but at apace you can sustain for 4 or 5 times. If you have a timer try to keep the time the same for each ‘hard run’.


Concentrate on good technique, don’t allow you body posture to relax when running slowly.

Cool Down: walk the last 100 metres then do your static stretches:

Calf stretches

Standing quad stretches

Arm/shoulder stretches



Safety Considerations:

Because you are sometimes running very quickly, try to find an urban route that’s well lit with an even surface throughout.